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PROBABLY THE BEST DELAY PEDAL IN THE WORLD! Guitar Player Magazine gave it the editors Pick-Award. Whenever the Replica is tested, it always gets top rates. A lot of famous players are using this pedal. Just have a look far right under "Who plays T-Rex". You will see Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, John Mayer, Greg Lake, Sonny Landreth etc.

Just leave it on, most players say. It is hard to believe, that this delay pedal is digital. It gives the warmth of all-tube echo and also cool digital delay in studio quality. All with the convenience of one pedal.

TIME, REPEAT, MIX and LEVEL knobs allow for quick, precise control. A Hi-cut button cuts high frequencies on repeats - perfectly simulating the tone of a 60s era tape echo. With a simple flick of a switch you can alter the delay’s subdivision parameter from 1/4 to 1/8 triplets, and to make the delay fit your purpose we even added a Tap-Tempo switch to get you right in time with your tune. Play it and youll buy it!

The DIRECT –plug on the top side is an output plug. The signal is send directly through the pedal to the DIRECT plug without disturbance. You can use this plug to:
- send the signal to a tuner
- send the signal to an extra amplifier and get a stereo like sound, when playing two amplifiers
- make a retro sound. You send the delayed signal using the OUTPUT plug to a stereo simulator, that sends the stereo signal to two amplifiers. You connect a third amplifier using the DIRECT plug. Retro sound!

The ECHO –knob determines the amount of processed signal in the signal mix.
- In minimum position only the direct signal is heard
- In maximum position only the delay (processed signal) is heard

The LEVEL –knob sets the overall volume.
At maximum level, the signal is boosted approx. 3dB.

The REPEAT –knob controls the number of repetitions of the delay signal.
- In minimum position the delay signal is only repeated once
- In maximum position the delay signal is repeated to almost infinity

The TEMPO –knob sets the delay time.
- Minimum delay time is approx. 12 milliseconds
- Maximum delay time is approx. 1500 milliseconds
The LED indicator below the TEMPO inscription indicates the delay time.
When the TEMPO –knob is turned while playing, the delay signal is muted.
The TAP TEMPO -footswitch enables you to tap the delay time while playing.

The SUBDIVISION –button generates quarternote triplets of the tapped or dialled-in tempo. First you hit the button, then you tap the tempo/beat using the TAP TEMPO switch. It is recommended to use a drum machine or similar to hold the beat while using the SUBDIVISION function.

The BROWN –button is a High-Cut filter that alters the tone of the repeats. The result is a warmer, smoother delay sound reminiscent of the tone of a 60´s era tape echo.

The MIDI –socket allows you to control the tempo externally. (CTL. No. 20)



External Control:
MIDI IN (CTL. No. 20)

INPUT-Jack 6,3 mm.
OUTPUT-Jack 6,3 mm.
DIRECT OUTPUT-Jack 6,3 mm.

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  • Model: T-REX REPLICA
  • Manufactured by: T-REX

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